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Sexy but classy, remember - Thorny Thursday 4

Sexy but classy, remember - Thorny Thursday 4 Sexy but classy, remember - Thorny Thursday 4 Sexy but classy, remember - Thorny Thursday 4 Sexy but classy, remember - Thorny Thursday 4

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Let me get at that pussy | We's need a reecreashun of that night | I'll be in my room if you need me | Which one do you want? My pussy? Or my ass? | They don't have trash service like we do | Maybe I can distract enough of them to get out of here | So many big strong men around seems like such a waste to just capture me | The only thing I want to try is that big cock | In all the commotion, I forgot my clothes down here | This is a lot of cum and I don't see a nano-bomb anywhere | Jessie n' Jaime ar stoopid cunts who coon't Fin' demselves out ov a wet paper bag | Fuck, you're a goddamn elephant cock | You blew your entire earnings on whores and junk in a matter of days | It's like having a tree trunk inside me | Someone really likes mistletoe | You'll rip me apart, too big | He'll fuck you two 'till you're both dead or until he cums | There's a tiny nano-bomb in your son's testicles | You can't just put it in your sister | I just came back from date day with your father | Shit, mom, I need that monster inside me | We're both going to lose our virginity together to the guys we love | Lick wet pussy | You think daddy will have a heart attack when he sees you two slobbering all over this monster cock? | I'm so fuckin' horny, mommy | My own daughter swallowing my cock, surely this is a direct ticket to hell | I want to fuck your sister too | Every girl in here calls older men dadday | Maybe I wanted to kiss you | Do you like my ass? Do you want to eat my ass? | Pull that ridiculous leather thing off | Jack will love it and sexy | Maybe we can go somewhere private so you can spank me | Sexy but classy, remember | He likes the sporty look | Your tits are pretty fuckin' big | I can feel your pussy lips through your suit | Jack doesn't go for that slut look | You have to control yourself the rest of the day | This is my best confession ever, I feel it so deeply | It worked, that tingly feeling is gone | Can't be late for my first dramatic shoot | Damn, it's even bigger up close | The reason I'm in your shower is because mine is busted | I really, really feel horny | I'm so fucking hard still, maybe Lana is up for a little sex | Go back and put something on, you look like a whore | You better hurry before your mom has a cow | Dr.Jane, I love seeing mother's breasts | Can you give me a quick confession? | As I expected, look at now erect his penis is now | I always go to confession once a week | I can feel it all now, flowing inside of me | I'm not wearing any panties


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