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Nurd - I have to get this on video

Nurd - I have to get this on video Nurd - I have to get this on video Nurd - I have to get this on video

This is a truly happy day for you! Take your credit, make sure close door properly and let yourself plunge into the world of lecherous comics. These comics are so bad, you won't hear about them from your friends. You've got to see them with your own eyes. There is no way you can find them in a bookstore or a sex shop. It is RIGHT HERE that you can get access to the complete and incredibly huge collection of the exciting series. The artists working on the mind blowing series are drawing daily and nightly to offer new episodes featuring your favourite characters. Every other scene is a produced in a new quality level, every other dialogue is hot as hell! Desire reaches top level! Jabcomix offers daily updates and ensures that you won’t have to search for separate parts of a comic book from now on to guess how it all began or how it will end. It is all here at your service. Get instant access to all episodes! We are very glad at to be the ones who introduced you to this island of insufferable lust.


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